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How Henna works/Henna Aftercare

Henna stains the first few layers of the skin and as you exfoliate the henna design will begin to fade. Exfoliating the skin before applying a henna design will help the henna last longer.


Henna is applied as a paste to the skin.

Once the henna design is drawn on the skin it takes 15-30 mins to dry.

A lemon sugar spray is then applied to the henna to rehydrate and seal the moisture in.

The henna paste is removed after 2-8 hours by scraping the paste off with a card or spoon somewhere the pieces will not stain the area. Do not scratch the henna with fingernails, the henna will stain under the nails and make your nails look dirty.

Your henna tattoo will develop from a bright orange to a reddish brown color over 24-48 hrs. And will last up 1-3 weeks.

Natural oils like coconut oil and shea butter will help the henna design last longer. Harsh soaps will make the henna fade faster.

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