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Henna as a visual mantra for positive affirmations

Henna as a Visual Mantra/ Positive Affirmation

Henna can be used as positive reminder, affirmation, mindfulness practice or personal mantra. Symbols and characters can have personal significance for an individual and many symbols are endowed with a universal meaning that humans collectively understand.

When we incorporate patterns and symbols into our daily rituals, we stimulate an innate connection to nature, the universe and each other. There are symbols that connect us to a deep seeded understanding of who we are and were we come from. From that collective understanding of symbols to personal experiences, adorning the body with henna that will stain the skin for up to two weeks becomes a daily reminder and affirmation of that intention.

Applying and receiving henna takes patience, attention and intention to succeed in beautiful lasting stain. As each design is carefully and meticulously drawn on the skin. There is a mindfulness that must take place to ensure a beautiful temporary impression. The designs are drawn and the patterns are slowly revealed, the receiver must be very still and present with themselves and their surroundings. The act of receiving henna becomes a mindfulness practice.

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