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108 Wall Hanging Mandala with Gold

108 Wall Hanging Mandala with Gold

Excluding Sales Tax

Size 9.25" Diameter

Key Features:

  • Hand-Carved Original Design: This sculpture's  design features 108 points, symbolizing the distance from Earth to the Moon, approximately 238,800 miles, or 108 times the moon's diameter. This unique connection explains why the moon appears the same size as the sun during eclipses.

  • Cosmic Symbolism: Inside the inner mandala, 12 points represent the 12 zodiac constellations, adding depth and meaning to this piece. Each point carries the essence of a celestial sign.

  • Unique Home Decor: Add a touch of cosmic wonder to your space with this educational and thought-provoking piece, sparking conversations and appreciation for our place in the universe.

Elevate your decor with this hand-carved masterpiece that celebrates the moon's distance, eclipses, and the constellations of the zodiac. Order your 108 Mandala today and bring the cosmos into your home.

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