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Female Bust Candle

Female Bust Candle

Excluding Sales Tax

Hand poured Beeswax Candle. Cotton wick.


100% beeswax from small farms in California.


With 24k gold leaf applied by hand so each piece is unique


This female figure is 6.5 inches tall and burns for about 12 hours


Each candle is made to order and colored with natural plant dyes so color may vary.


Has an amazing natural beeswax scent.


Original sculpture and mold made by Reida Sage.


I sculpt the original sculpture out of an oil based clay and then make a silicone mold from the original. I hand pour the beeswax into the mold and create an identical functional piece of art. 


These are available in many colors


 Beeswax burns clean and has many other benefits, Including:

-Air purifying

-Clean burning 

-Neutralizes pollutants while creating negative ions in the air.


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